Warm Texas weather means a few things, like swimming, barbeques, and generally spending more time outside. Other than these being great ways to get some sun, enjoy the fresh air, and spend time with friends and family, there is one more thing that these activities have in common.

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They all require a good cooler.

Whether you are keeping your beer cold for the family barbeque, or chilling some soda pop by the pool, a good picnic-style cooler is a must-have. It’s small enough to be easily carried, but big enough to hold plenty of drinks and ice for everyone.

While there are plenty of modern coolers out there with fancy features, hefty builds, and a variety of gizmos and gadgets, sometimes all you need is a simple cooler like you had back in the 90s. With fun colors, easy to carry handles, and fond memories of simpler days, these types of coolers are hard to beat.

Many of us still have one of those old coolers laying around and they have worked great since day one. But sometimes things go missing, break, or just aren’t as efficient as they used to be. Knowing this, Igloo decided to remake their iconic 25 quart ‘picnic basket’ coolers that were originally made in 1992.

These coolers were produced out of an Igloo factory in Katy, Texas, and are now being reproduced in that same factory. They are being made just like the originals with the same colors and look as before.

Along with these picnic coolers, they are also remaking their Retro KoolTunes cooler, Retro Little Playmate 7 quart cooler, Retro Barrel of Fun 2 gallon jug, and more. Now you can feel like you're back in the 90s with these fun, colorful, retro coolers.

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