I like driving around Lubbock because everything is easy to get to but I had never driven further than Lamesa by myself. Well recently that all changed when I took my friends brother-in-laws truck to Dallas since he was moving and honestly I have never been more afraid in my life.

Texas Roads, Take Me Home

One of those things that made me afraid of driving outside of Lubbock are the roads that seem to have constant construction on them. Whether that's a small bit of construction or a major project it can be a bit daunting. In Dallas there is lots of construction with some concrete walls to help guide you but if you are driving near a large or wide vehicle then the curves can be a bit scary. Just remember that if you find yourself in a very tight space with other vehicles or walls just breathe and have both hands on the steering wheel. I do personally take off one shoe (it's not illegal) so I can have a better sense of the vehicle.

I'm Driving Over Here!

While the roads and constant construction might be scary there are also other driver's that you will have to share the road with. A lot of driver's are actually quite friendly as long as you follow the rules of the road and respect others, but also driving in the right lane helps a lot. There seems to be a moment where you become one with the road and aren't afraid to pass people or do what you would regularly do in a smaller city. If you act like the road is your oyster and yours to travel then it will help boost your confidence in driving in a bigger city.

Buddy, Pal, Bestie!

The drive was honestly decent but I did have my friend as my navigator halfway through in the passenger seat, it was easier to be relaxed and chit chat. So I do suggest taking a buddy, or at least a volleyball named Wilson, to help you get through the drive and focus on being a lawful abiding driver. Having a navigator did help until we got to Dallas and made our way to Rowlett where we did get lost the last 10 minutes before delivering the truck. I do suggest stopping at a gas station and if you don't want to ask directions then just get a Gatorade and plan your next move while not actually moving.

Now that I've driven a vehicle from Lubbock to Dallas I can honestly say I drive with more confidence because if I can conquer Dallas why not San Antonio or El Paso next? Are there any Texas cities that you are afraid to drive in or that I should try driving in next? Let us know by emailing mikael.donnovan@townsquaremedia.com.

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