Watch a Bolt of Lighting Hit a Car [VIDEO]
If you haven't seen it, there's a pretty crazy video of lightning hitting a car in Canada late last month. The elderly couple in the car survived, but they say it caused all the airbags to deploy at the same time. And it took two big chunks out of the road.
Here are the 20 Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do
'Consumer Reports' just released a new survey where people ranked the most annoying things other drivers do. And number one is texting while driving. It even beat out people parking in handicapped spots, and tailgating. Drivers who cut you off and people who speed and swerve in traffic cam…
Google Street View — How Do They Do That?
I really didn’t want to cheat and look up exactly how they did it, so I thought of something I could do. I went and looked at a few “street level” views on Google to see if I could tell by looking at some of the images. At first, I just went from block to block looking at thin…