Heavy rain and the risk of flooding can be scary. Fortunately, there are ways you can be prepared.

Lubbock weather can be a bit unpredictable at times, and sudden showers are relatively common. As the weather changes from winter to spring, we see many storms that bring not only lightning and booming thunder, but lots of rain.

Unfortunately, Lubbock is not particularly well built to handle the rain. So, much of the city ends up flooding and old buildings spring a leak or two.

Fortunately, there are ways you can prepare yourself, your car, and your home to ensure that you and your family stay safe when we see a lot of rain.

Keep scrolling for a few tips on how you can prepare for Lubbock’s next big rain.

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Doors and windows are the main entry point for water when your property starts flooding. Especially if you live in a flood zone, you should ensure that your windows and doors are properly sealed in order to help prevent water from getting into your house. It already sucks to get stuck driving in the rain, but what’s even worse is driving on a wet road with bald tires. Be sure to get your tires checked, rotated, and replaced as necessary so you won’t be slipping and sliding across the road. Even after following this tip, be sure to drive safely to avoid hydroplaning. A damaged roof or clogged gutters are a sure way to end up with leaks or flooding on your property. Be sure to get your roof inspected for any damage and clear your gutter of any leaves, dirt, or other debris before the rain comes. any way to avoid excess moisture in your home is important to avoid mold and property damage.