Spring is officially here as of March 19th, so it is time to spark up the grill gather your friends and family, and enjoy being outside before the weather gets too hot.

If you are looking to host a backyard BBQ but aren’t sure what recipes to use in order to really impress your guests, I've got you covered.

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Here are 9 must-try recipes for your Texas barbecue this spring.

9 Recipes for the Perfect West Texas Spring Barbeque

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If you're not a fan of burgers, then a great hot dog is always the way to go, Especially when its piles high with toppings like in this recipe. Nothing is more comforting when the weather is nice than sparking up the grill and making burgers. These western burgers are everything you want and more. You can't go wrong with smothering everything in this yummy BBQ sauce. The perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Everyone loves chili, whether it's as a side or smothers a hot dog, you have to try this West Texas Chili. You can't have a Southern barbeque without potato salad, and this recipe is easy and delicious. Another classic BBQ side dish is macaroni salad. You can never go wrong with this southern classic. The best way to cut the rich flavors of those burgers smothered in BBQ sauce is with a good coleslaw, and this recipe has a bit of a Texas twist. Refreshing, delicious, and perfect for scooping with tortilla chips, Cowboy Caviar is a must-have at any barbeque. 

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