Most anyone born before the year 2000 who went to college is familiar with Jungle Juice.

You know, the plastic bin, trash can, or another container, filled to the brim with random liquor, juice, soda, candy, and more. If you were fond of the party scene, then you probably have your fair share of memories (if you didn’t black out) of dipping your cup into the mystery vat and ignoring any potential risks.

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If you survived the Jungle Juice phase of your life, then you will be interested to know what today’s college kids are doing instead. Rather than having a communal mix that everyone shares, people are making their own individual black-outs in a bottle known as a BORG.

BORG stands for ‘Black out Rage Gallon' and they are currently trending online as the ‘safest’ and ‘most efficient’ way to get drunk according to the college kids making them.

It is basically a gallon of water, vodka, and some sort of flavoring, but you can see exactly how they are made here.

While it isn’t great that they are consuming so much alcohol, it really does seem to be a safer way to do so. They are controlling exactly what they are consuming, they are staying hydrated by adding things like Liquid I.V. to it, and it is a way to keep your drink on your person and sealed so it is less likely to be drugged.

Another very important part of the BORG-making process is that you have to name in. Typically a name that uses the term 'BORG' in some way.

There are several TikToks about BORGs, one even going viral from a UT student. So, I’m sure the drink has made its way to Lubbock as well.

Of course, binge drinking is never okay, but you really can’t stop college kids from doing it. So, at least they are being somewhat safe about it, and hopefully the days of Jungle Juice are behind us.

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