Plan accordingly! Although chances are marginal, Lubbock and the surrounding area is still expected to receive scattered thunderstorms throughout the weekend that could produce flash flood warnings.

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NWS Lubbock noted key points regarding this weekend's wet forecast.

Lubbock can see cooler temps in the mid 60s on Saturday: perfect for outdoor activities... right?

It would be, except for the 80% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and Sunday really 'raining' on our parade.

With all of the expected rain and Texas' infamous poor drainage systems, Saturday's outlook for flash flood risk is certainly worth a look.

If you are within the highlighted area, you may want to, at the very least, pack some boots and extra socks if you plan on any outdoor activities.

The irony of tomorrow's severe weather lying on the anniversary of the May 11, 1970 Lubbock tornado is not lost on me.

This season especially, it is important to stay safe and take history into account when assuming the innocence, or lack thereof, regarding these weather events.

Flooding In Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock Flood Zones

I took a look at the City of Lubbock's flood zone map and pieced together the most at-risk neighborhoods. The areas marked in blue represent the primary flood zones, and the orange/yellow are areas with a lesser chance of flooding, but still can flood on occasion. Visit this link to zoom in on the map below and get more info about flood zones in and around Lubbock.

Gallery Credit: City of Lubbock

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