Times are tough but many people still need their coffee fix no matter the cost but one grocery store is giving back to the community with a great deal. United Supermarkets and Market Street Starbuck's are celebrating March with a little bit of love and savings on your favorite drink and a snack.

Starting Friday, March 8, and every Friday in the month of March is now known as "Friday Love" due to a very special promotion. Starbucks located at United Supermarkets and Market Street locations will have Grande-sized beverages and a pastry available for just $6. If you need a little bit more then you could easily just go up a drink size and grab yourself a Venti-sized beverage and still get any pastry of your choice for just $7.

This promotion will be valid on March 8, 15, and 22 at Starbucks inside of United Family stores and is not valid at any standalone Starbucks stores. The United Family runs this promotion periodically throughout the year and is a way to bring a little bit of love to all United Supermarket shoppers states Joey Marcades with the United Family. What is your go-to drink and pastry combination for the Friday Love promotion? Let us know!

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