Are you familiar with the name Vincent Gambino Baker?  He's been terrorizing people from Amarillo to Corpus Christi, El Paso to Texarkana, and every place in between in Texas and all over the country.

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He's notorious for terrorizing your email.  You see Vincent Gambino Baker claims to be a lawyer with the BM Lawyer firm.  Sounds legit right?

Not hardly.

People all over the country are receiving this email and have been for years.

This email is a phishing scam and it seems to be working because the email is still circulating.

  • The email in question claims that you are required to appear in court, and keeps the information very vague.
  • Notice to appear in court What court? Most areas have multiple courts.
  • Vincent gives the location as the country courthouse.  The county courthouse?  Most people in Texas live in areas where there are multiple county courthouses.

Here comes the scammy part, to view the court notice you have to "click here," and that right there is where Vincent will get you.  You will be asked multiple questions, that will want you to include private information.  Private information that you shouldn't be sharing through an email link.

Then Vincent ends the email with a threat.  If you don't do this, a warrant will be issued.  Most people don't want a warrant out in their name.  Scammers use this so people will click and share information to avoid going to jail.

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Vincent Gambino Baker isn't a real person or a real attorney.  Even if he is, scammers use his name to scam innocent people out of their information.

Don't Fall for This Scam

If you are summoned to appear in court, you will receive a summons in the mail or be served by a process server, sheriff, or constable. You will not receive a random email.

Just be cautious of random weird emails like this, if it doesn't seem right, it's not.   Don't let some scammer steal your information.

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