That ol’ grain of salt goes without saying (seriously, we need a better phrase) for the latest report regarding the female-centric Ocean’s 11 sequel / reboot. Jennifer Lawrence may be reuniting with Hunger Games director Gary Ross for the upcoming project, which is being produced by original Ocean’s trilogy director Steven Soderbergh.

The Tracking Board reports that Lawrence is in talks to join Sandra Bullock in the reboot, which will feature women in the leading roles. Unlike the Ghostbusters reboot, the Ocean’s 11 project is tied to its predecessor(s), with Bullock playing the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean. Like her brother, Bullock’s character is an ex-con who begins assembling a team of skilled professionals to pull off a heist not long after she’s released from prison.

The plan: to steal an incredibly expensive necklace from the Met Ball and frame a nefarious gallery owner for the crime. Lawrence would presumably play the Brad Pitt-type role in the film, which is being scripted by Olivia Milch (Little Women) and directed by Gary Ross, who worked with Lawrence on the first Hunger Games movie.

Soderbergh has been developing a reboot with co-producers George Clooney and Jerry Weintraub since 2014, though the latter sadly passed away last year.

Lawrence’s potential casting is unconfirmed and remains mere rumor for the time being. The actress can be seen next in X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27, and opposite Chris Pratt in the sci-fi romance Passengers, on December 21. She’s also set to star in Darren Aronofsky’s new, untitled project, which will likely hit theaters next year.

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