Spiders don‘t normally bother me. In fact, we had a tarantula named Star that lived to be 12. She was fascinating to watch, to say the least, and we were sad when she died.

However, when you open your garage to a huge black widow not more than a foot away from you, well, that’s a little different. If fact, it can be deadly.

Something you may not know, and how I was able to pinpoint the spider, was her unique-looking web. My son taught me a few years ago how to determine if a black widow had moved into the vicinity.

Their webs are thicker and look like a piece of cotton that has been stretched out. They also resemble the fake webs people use around Halloween time. The picture below is the actual web I noticed this morning before seeing the black widow.

Photo: Jeri Strong
Photo: Jeri Strong

When I opened my garage door this morning and recognized the web, I knew. And sure enough, a few seconds later, there she was in, all of her deadly glory.

Since becoming aware of this, and especially having kids, grandkids and pets around the house, I've learned to spot their webs fairly easily.

If you see this type of web in your home, garage, or yard, you can be sure there’s a black widow nearby. They don't venture too far away from their webs, so stay safe and share this information with your friends.

Thanks, son -- you may have saved your momma this morning!


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