I’ve been seeing a lot of stories lately about vandalism in our city -- Legacy Play Village, trees around town, and now at a small local restaurant that’s been around for years.

Joel’s Mexican Food Restaurant, located at 3116 Amherst in Lubbock, is the latest victim of graffiti. This really bothers me. I know Joel, and he does so much for this community and loves what he does.

When he arrived at work today (Monday, July 23, 2018), he noticed the mural painted on his business had been vandalized with graffiti.

Come on, Lubbock! I’m all for a creative outlet and, honestly, some graffiti is pretty cool. However, there are better places to display your artwork and businesses; trees, playgrounds and local business signs is not the place.

Here’s what Joel of Joel’s Mexican Food Restaurant had to say on Facebook about the incident:

How sad is this? Someone would take the liberty to come and tag my little mural. It’s just sad that someone can go around trying to make the neighborhood look bad while some of us really try to make it look good. As a business owner it just breaks my heart.


We support you, Joel! And keep up the good work you do for the community of Lubbock.

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