Former 'Grease' stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John hit the studio together for the first time in nearly 35 YEARS to record a holiday album titled 'This Christmas'.

No, that definitely isn't the most inventive title.

According to, that two-word title has already been used 38 TIMES . . . and that doesn't include a ton of other similar titles, like Aretha Franklin's 'This Christmas, Aretha'.

Fortunately, when you look at the cover, you won't be looking at the title...because you're going to be distracted by the AMAZINGLY CHEESY photo.

It shows them sitting behind some presents...and John is leaning his head on Olivia's, while they hold mugs of hot cocoa and smile with OPEN MOUTHS.

Obviously, that part is over-the-top...but on the flip side, the decorations in the background could use some attention. It looks like the budget for this was $11.35.

There are also a bunch of guests n the album, including:  Barbra Streisand, Kenny G, Tony Bennett, James Taylor, Cliff Richard and Chick Corea.

It comes out on November 13th...PLENTY OF TIME to be your go-to White Elephant gift.  And you can feel good about it, because the proceeds will go to John and Olivia's charities.

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