Josh Jung was drafted at possibly the worst time to ever be drafted in the modern era of Major League Baseball. The Texas Rangers took him in the first round of the 2019 draft with the thought that his pro-ready mentality would make him a quick study in the minor leagues.

Then, that little pandemic happened.

Jung lost a season of minor league play and had to scrimmage his teammates for a season. The lost year and an injury heading into spring training this season have delayed the inevitable for Jung, but the time has finally come.


And by tomorrow, Weaver meant to say was Friday, September 7th as the Texas Rangers are off on September 6th.

With the date allegedly confirmed, the number two prospect in the Texas Rangers system, who's also a Texas Tech legend, will debut on Oklahoma Sooners night.

Not a big deal. I'm sure plenty of Texas Tech fans in the DFW area will be on hand for Jung despite the OU alumni running around Globe Life. If they're Texas Rangers fans, they'll cheer for the former Red Raider regardless of his collegiate affiliations.

There are 25 more opportunities for the Texas Rangers after their game with Houston tonight, which means Jung will be well below the number of games to count as a season. 2023 AL Rookie of the Year Josh Jung is still possible. I believe.

We'll see you in Arlington on Friday night, Josh.

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