Oh, reality TV stars, why are your lives such a mess? And why do I find it so hard to stop watching???


Kate Gosselin made an appearance on the Today show this morning to announce that, yes, she’s looking for love and ready to date again.

She did tell Ann Curry that there are still some “obstacles” to her dating again; “I have 8 kids, a crazy work schedule. I know there are a lot of obstacles and I am ready to start dating. It’s sort of daunting though.”

TLC, in the meantime, has released a video from ‘Kate Plus 8′ showing how she apparently will be picking up guys.

In it, she sees someone she likes, has her bodyguard go get him off the street, and offers him a cupcake.

Watch the video all the way through… The guy has no idea who Kate is. Even after they tell him her name, he draws a blank!

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