The Kinks are setting plans in motion for a reunion after nearly two decades apart, with leader Ray Davies confirming that he'd like to begin work on a new album with Dave Davies. The band's battles, on stage and off, have become the stuff of legend.

“I met Dave only last week to talk about getting back together again,” Davies says in a new interview. “We’ve also spoken a few times on the phone and emailed. He’s been composing his own songs, but I’d really like to write with him again. We both agree we don’t want to do old stuff or tour with past hits. It’s got to be something new.”

Rumors about a possible reunion have been swirling for a few months, as both Davies brothers and former Kinks member Mick Avory discussed the prospect of a 50th anniversary project. A musical focusing on the Kinks, 'Sunny Afternoon' -- which chronicled their early '60s rise -- opened to critical acclaim in London in May, and apparently helped lead to this long-hoped-for reconciliation.

Still, nostalgia only goes so far. New content had long been a sticking point for Dave Davies. He's previously said he wasn't interested in an oldies-focused tour: "I don’t want to see the legacy of The Kinks soured by two miserable old men doing it for the money."

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