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IMAGINE... getting a chance to see a musical legend up front and personal in a live concert atmosphere. "Starting Over" the Lennon Experience creates a Fantasy Rock concert with John... after the Beatles. Performing his solo career hits as well as the Beatle blockbusters. Truly a memorable experience for all Beatle & John fans. "you have never seen John like this before"....

There are no time lines, stories, wigs or tracking. This is a fantasy show of what it would be like to see John in concert...including some occasional surprise guests joining John on stage.. The music is real, the people are real.

Joe Stefanelli's uncanny resemblance to "John" is remarkable, his natural mannerisms, voice, movements and reactions make for an unparalleled reproduction of the man. So good that "Robert Zemeckis" handpicked Joe for the official "voice" of John Lennon in the major hollywood movie release "Forrest Gump"..

Come see, sing and celebrate the music of John and the Beatles, it will be a night like no other leaving you feel like you were really there with John.

It's feels just like "STARTING OVER".....

'This show lets you see John like you've never seen him before!'

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