Soooo, I ROYALLY messed up. Here's what happened...

Kool FM Staff

Back when the Paul McCartney tickets went on sale, the radio station bought a bunch to give away to our listeners. It's important that I say we bought them because that's not usually how concert ticket giveaways go. Usually, we talk to the promoter and ask for a certain number of tickets in exchange for promoting their show through ticket giveaways and contests.

Well, this is Paul McCartney. They didn't really NEED to promote it. They KNEW it would sell out. So we had to spend our own money to buy them. We weren't going to have Paul come to town and NOT give our beloved listeners a few chances to win free tickets to the show!

This is where my screw up comes in. I miscounted the number of tickets we had. That's it. Plain and simple.

So, yesterday and today during the Kool Morning Show, I was telling everybody to come to Rosco's tonight and register to win a pair. I was going to give ANOTHER pair away tomorrow (Thursday) morning as a neat little surprise. Well, we don't have any more because I'm bad at math and didn't count the two pairs that VIP Club members Leslie Sibley and Heather Gallagher won.

So here's what's going to happen...

Come to Rosco's at 4th & Frankford for happy hour tonight starting at 5pm. It's a REALLY cool place. We have 98¢ 16oz beers, great food and live music from Brad Ethridge. I'm also going to draw for TWO pairs of tickets to see Cher with Pat Benetar at 7:30pm! That means you'll be able to register to win for that two-and-a-half hour window ONLY which makes this your best odds of any giveaway we'll ever do for tickets to that show!

Come see me tonight...and feel free to belittle me for my counting skills!