Sadly, you can't go out for a good time some nights without some crybabies getting into a fight. Listen up, snowflakes! Bars and clubs are for people having fun. Not for you to try to prove you're a man, and fail pathetically.

One of my favorite clubs (back when I went to clubs) was Static, Heaven, now called Level. It's always been just a fun place to party on the weekend. And for years they've been having a Latin dance night called Sabor.

Recently during a Sabor night at Level, some little boys decided they didn't want to play with each other anymore and started fighting. So manly. The video above, recorded by Ralph Savedra and used here with permission, shows the fight.

I, for one, am totally impressed by your machismo now and I totally know which one of you must have been the right one in your argument. So happy you could ruin a lot of other people's nights because he must have looked at you funny. Or one of you drank too much and was acting like a jerk. Either way you started a fight, then other people started jumping in and fighting, too. Way to go, losers. You all suck.

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