With Fleetwood Mac back on the road and playing new material for the first time in a decade, fans have reason to hope that the group's on-and-off momentum over the past few years might regain some measure of consistency. Those hopes should be reinforced by comments Lindsey Buckingham made in a recent interview with 'Rolling Stone.' 

Buckingham's tangled past with fellow Mac member Stevie Nicks has been a source for much of the group's creative tension (and many of its best songs) over the past 38 years, but he says on the current tour, "Stevie and I have probably more of a connection now than we have in years. You can feel it. It's tangible onstage."

Perhaps most importantly for fans, Buckingham and Nicks are still inspiring one another. "All these years later, we are still writing songs that are dialogues for each other," said Buckingham. Talking about the song 'Sad Angel,' from the band's new EP, he said, "I wrote that song for Stevie. She always had to fight for everything. She was coming off a solo album and was in the process of reintegrating herself mentally in the band, and we're all warriors with a sword in one sort or another. She and I have known each other since high school. So I just wrote, 'Sad Angel have you come to fight the war / We fall to earth together, the crowd calling out for more.'"

Audience demands may have further complicated Fleetwood Mac's internal relationships, but Buckingham said he's at peace now. "It was difficult for years to get complete closure," he admitted. "There was never any time to not be together. It was kind of like picking the scab off an open wound again and again. That's part of the legacy of the band."

In the end, wherever that legacy leads, the music they've created together remains resonant for an audience that continues to grow with each passing year. "We're doing the best business we've done in 20 years," Buckingham said about the current tour. "There seems to be a cyclical reigniting of interests, and there's certainly a lot more young people out there than three years ago."