We're fortunate around here to have a LOT of really great Mexican food restaurants to choose from. And many of them have really great chips to go along with their salsa. Abuelo's chips hit different for some reason though!

Maybe its because they're perfectly crispy and paper thin. The flavor is great too! But it's the fact that they don't seem to break apart in the bowl as badly as tortilla chips do at other places that seals it for me as the best restaurant chip in town. How they don't completely dissolve into a fine powder is beyond me with how THIN they are!


I went to Abuelo's with some friends to day for lunch and we had a great experience, as usual. Madison was our waitress, and the very first interaction I had with her was when she walked over with a plater full of chips and dips.

Here's Madison...who had a look of concern on her face when a grown man asked to take her picture. She was a good sport though!


I also love that you get to try these awesome chips with several different varieties of dips and salsas! The regular red hot sauce is always great and consistent in flavor. The little three-slot bowl comes with a couple of smokier and spicier versions of their salsa and a delicious green sauce that's really not spicy at all.

Of course, you HAVE to get the stacked enchiladas with the egg on top for 'chip scooping'! You know, make a huge mess out of your plate and use the chips to basically make a dip. That's what I do anyway. Maybe I'm weird.

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