Over the weekend, I was chatting with some friends who were in town from San Antonio. For some reason the subject of supermarkets came up. Specifically, HEB and how they couldn't believe we just had ONE! It's like they were offended!

Landon King
Landon King

I explained to them that we have United Supermarkets and Market Street and how people here really like them for lots of reasons, but one thing that stands out is the fact that they take your groceries to your car for you. My friends didn't believe me until it was confirmed by some of my fellow Lubbockites that were standing there with me.

They were in SHOCK! "You mean a person goes to your car with you and loads your groceries into the trunk?!?" I replied, "Yes, they do. They even take the cart back into the store for you! And they've been doing it since I was a kid."


"And they take tips or something?!?" I shocked them even further when I said, "Actually, no. It's just a service they provide for their customers. The baggers used to be high school kids and it was their first job. Now I typically see 50/50 high school kids and retired guys!"

This caused a whole conversation about whether locals tip the bagger. I never have, and I'm a generous tipper! I don't know why really. It's just an unwritten rule that they don't take tips. Maybe they do and I'm a jerk. Do YOU tip them?!?

Maybe I SHOULD tip them, if it's allowed. They're always very friendly and they're obviously providing a great service. If anyone deserves a tip, it's the baggers at United!

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