Working in the news radio industry for nearly a decade, I've had my fair share of production mishaps. Luckily, those mishaps never end with my face being seen in front of a newscaster delivering breaking news.

In the TV news industry, your mishaps are much more... visible. It's unfortunate for whoever makes the mistake, but very fortunate for the general public who get to enjoy the accidental camera operator dragging her camera right into the live shot of the anchor delivering breaking news.

If that sounds like a hypothetical, it isn't.

On Wednesday, June 8th, Terri Furman and Matt Stell were delivering the news when a camera operator walked into the shot just as Stell was delivering the story following the phrase: "We've got some breaking news for you tonight..."

A quick Twitter user who caught the 10 p.m. action in all its glory:

Through some digging on social media, I found the camera operator, who has since changed her bio to, "yes i’m the girl who walked in front of the camera on klbk"

Stell, who had the camera pop up in front of him, said of the incident, "and that folks is why we call it LIVE television."

The camera operator also responded to the gaffe, but I'll let you find her on your own if you wish. I don't want to pile on more than I already am. The faces were just too good not to share.

The obvious reaction in the foreground aside, the background reaction of Furman is what seals the entire deal and is hysterical to me.

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