Is there a time in your life quite as expensive as your late teens and early twenties?

Okay, maybe having a baby, but I remember being beyond broke at 19. Between moving out, buying a car, paying for college and textbooks, I was always busted.

And then 85 percent of us get the added 'bonus' of needing our wisdom teeth removed in our late teens/early twenties. I had two trying to pop up sideways; they had to be broken out of my jaw. I still shudder at the thought. It was like Hellraiser in my mouth.


Luckily, local oral surgery practice Hill & Ioppolo has launched the program 'Wisdom for Wisdom,' with the intent of off-setting textbook costs by awarding free wisdom teeth extraction to deserving students.

The application deadline is Monday, April 30th, so make sure to get your application in ASAP. Visit for instructions on how to apply.

Good luck to you, and may all your professors assign you used books.

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