Around this time during the Holidays, I always see people getting married or getting engaged or just a new relationship beginning…

Like for example, last year at the Carol of Lights a guy proposed in front of the big Christmas tree. I know what you’re thinking, that’s too cheesy, but stuff like that is just too darn cute!  When Santa Land opened another couple got engaged and it just warms my heart! I think the holidays are always the perfect time for just about everything!

Now my boyfriend (Omar) and I have been dating for 7 years…yes I said 7! And this past Sunday (Dec. 8th) was our 7 year Anniversary which is pretty amazing! Just about every Anniversary it’s the same thing…we just hang out all day, give each other gifts, and dinner.

But this year Omar had said that we were going to dinner early because he wanted to set up the Christmas tree at my parents’ house which I’m all for because I love doing that kind of stuff. I didn’t think anything of we went and had dinner then got to my parents’ house and started setting up the tree!

I honestly didn’t think anything of it. We set up the tree and got the ornaments and everything on, but while we were doing all this poor Omar was just very uncomfortable which I could tell. Then Omar said he wanted to take a picture in front of the tree. Now every year we take a good picture together that way we can remember that year.

So my mom is taking a picture (which I didn’t know she really wasn’t doing instead she was recording) and out of nowhere Omar tells me that he has to talk to me….

Then when I realized what was going on, he got on one knee and asked me to Marry Him! Now I am just like every other girl and I cried while he was saying his speech that he so brilliantly came up with and he was teary-eyed as well.


Now I can say that I am engaged to the best man I have ever met! This morning I still couldn’t believe that I was engaged…its just freaking crazy to wrap my head around but it’s a great feeling!

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