As the year winds down all of the list-o-mania kicks into overdrive. This time its the list of the best cities to celebrate New Year's Eve. And yes Lubbock made the top 100 even while there are some entire states who didn't rank. Check it out here.

This list compared metrics like hotel rates, fireworks, party ticket prices, and even the weather forecast for the 31st. Lubbock dropped in at #71. that may not sound very high, but again since we're not even in the top 100 cities as far as size, the fact that we ranked is pretty sweet. Then take a close look at the map embedded below and notice that many states didn't even have 1 city listed. States like Montana, Wyoming, Utah, both Dakotas, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, And South Carolina were all completely absent from having even 1 city rank as a NYE party place.

Check out the full map and rankings here:

Source: WalletHub

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