The Chili's restaurant across from Texas Tech University gets high marks from me today. After one of their employees fat-shamed a customer and was a total ass-face, Chili's did the right thing and fired this idiot.

Now, let's make sure all of Lubbock knows who he is and why he's a piece of crap.

A friend shared this Facebook post, and after reading what happened, I had to try to make it as public as possible.

A young lady named Raina posted about her and a friend going to the Chili's restaurant across from Texas Tech. Raina says she and her friend had waited over an hour for their food, and when they asked a server about it, an off-the-clock employee at a table behind them made rude and insulting remarks about the young lady's weight.

This is completely unacceptable. So I'm making it my project for this week to blast this piece of crap all over the internet. His name is Nathan. You can see his picture in the Facebook post below. But this story isn't done yet.

Thankfully, when Raina alerted Chili's management to what their employee had done, Chili's did the right thing and fired this useless scumbag. So I want to say a huge thank you to Chili's for being a great company who stands up for what's right. Please feel free to swing by for lunch or dinner and support them for being awesome.

However, Nathan felt it was his place to continue to attack Raina. Nathan was fired for being a giant waste of oxygen and a horrible person. But he's digging in even deeper. He private messaged Raina after Chili's fired him, blaming her for it and continuing to disparage her and her weight. From what I can see, Raina looks like a perfectly wonderful young lady. And no one deserves to be treated this way by any other human being.

So let's all see if we can make sure the whole city knows what a jackass this Nathan guy is. He thinks he'll soon have another job, but I think we can make an effort to alert ALL of Lubbock to what a bad employee he is, and why they should think twice before putting him on their payroll.

Here's the full post about the incident, and Nathan's private message to a completely undeserving young lady. Make everyone aware of who this jerk is.

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