Jux-Ta-Posh is a locally owned small business located in the heart of Lubbock's Depot District on Buddy Holly Avenue. The boutique home goods store touts themselves as "The unexpected combination of Salvage and Style."

I have lived in Lubbock for most of my life, and to see local businesses being senselessly vandalized absolutely makes my blood boil. And it wasn't just Jux-Ta-Posh, either. Triple J's and Alderson were reportedly targeted, too.

I get that people fall on hard times and may resort to criminal behavior in order to survive, but this simply seems to be a case of vandalism, which to me is right up there with burglary.

The cause for such destruction is never warranted because criminal acts like this can affect more than just the business and the owners. Often, vandalism or destruction to a commercial property also affects employees, contractors and suppliers. The ripple effect can be felt far and wide, but some punk was likely looking to get his jollies from showing off what an ass he can be while walking down the street with friends.

If you are someone who thinks that trashing a local business is cool, shame on you. I hope the police find and catch you and that punishment is rendered to the fullest extent.

If you know someone who behaves this way in our community let them know this nonsense is straight-up dookie and we aren't gonna take it!

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