It may seem like we have had some especially terrible drivers in Lubbock lately, but it's really nothing new. They were there all along.

My friend Gary Dorsey took a video early this morning of the aftermath of a crash that he believes could have been much worse. It took place on the 1900 block of Avenue P only a few houses away from his.

"He was going too fast for a small residential street," Dorsey said. "He hit a parked car. I heard the crash and ran outside as quick as I could only to find him already out of the car and standing up. Thankfully nobody else was in the car with him."

The reason this particular video caught my attention was because of what Gary told another person in a comment below the video. Apparently, the driver of the vehicle got out of the car immediately after the wreck and then proceeded to ask Gary if he would "help him flip it back over."

Wowza. It's clear that the vehicle is totaled and flipping it back over was not an option. Period.

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Gary reminded me to add that to this story because it was "true and hilarious." Hilarious true stories just happen to be my favorite to tell.

We can't say for certain if the man involved in the accident was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but Gary confirmed that he was arrested at the scene and that he was skeptical of the man's sobriety.

The man is certainly lucky to be alive, and hitting an empty parked car is much better than being a car hitting a Lubbock home...again. That happened to my neighbor the other day.

Slow down. Don't drive drunk. Quit your $#*t.

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