Here we go again. Lubbock has made another list. This time we're at the bottom though. 92 out of 100. So if you're looking for fun on Valentine's Day, you might want to consider a road trip. is back with another ranking of cities for things that people do. This time its the best and worst cities to celebrate Valentine's Day in. They ranked the towns based on things like the number of florists and chocolate stores, price of a nice dinner, weather on Valentine's Day, and other factors. and out of 100 they ranked, Lubbock is at number 92. I'm still not sure how we made their list of the 100 biggest cities, but we did and we scored pretty low.

This isn't surprising to me at least. Lubbock doesn't just scream romance to me, or many people. Now I know that there are plenty of romantic things that you can do here, and mainly it depends on the person trying to be romantic. But considering all of the cities in America for romance, our little dust bowl isn't at the top of too many lists.

Now of course this is just another stupid internet list and means nothing. And we can look at it positively too because at least we made the list in the first place. Levelland isn't on there ever. So with that being said, I think we're doing pretty good considering.

Source: WalletHub

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