There's a reason why weather professionals advise drivers not to traverse roadways in low lying areas during showers and thunderstorms. It can take just a foot of rushing water to carry away a small vehicle, and only six inches of rapidly moving water to knock a grown man to his feet.

During the weather event on Thursday, May 23rd, some areas on the South Plains received an inch or more of rainfall in less than thirty minutes, leaving many motorists to be challenged by flooded roadways. It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous it is to try and cross roads during conditions where the ground cannot be seen.


A great example of what can happen was posted on social media and shared by KCBD NewChannel 11 journalist, Amanda Ruiz.

The rapidly rushing water can bring devastating consequences to those who might test the elements. Just don't do it. Remember: Turn Around, Don't Drown®. It's better to arrive late than to not arrive at all.

More rain and the potential for severe thunderstorms are in the forecast for Memorial Day Weekend across the region, so take caution while driving and avoid those unintended consequences.

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