Wallethub is a great resource for finding out where Lubbock stands in comparison to the rest of America. We've scored pretty high on some of these lists. This is not one of those times.

Foodies are taking over every neighborhood and town around the world. This includes Lubbock. And despite what you might think, Lubbock has a growing food scene.

However, it's not growing fast enough it looks like.

We scored 133rd out of 182 on Wallethub's list. That's not very good. But considering we probably rank as the 182nd city in terms of size, that's actually quite a nice jump up from where you might expect us to be.

I also think our ranking is more due to our couple of local breweries and mainly our wineries, and not because we have a good food scene. But you make the call for yourself.

Here's the full rankings for the entire country. Do take note that we only outscored Grand Prairie for the entire state of Texas, though. That's not very good at all.

Source: WalletHub

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