You gotta love when Lubbock gets attention from our snooty neighbors to the southeast. I mean, let's be honest: they're just jealous of us here in the entertainment capital of West Texas..

But this might be the most Lubbock thing to come out of last weekend's snowstorm.

Submitted by Megan Schroeter on Storyful, Conor O'Neill of Lubbock decided to get creative when faced with the prospect of sledding without a sled. He and several of his friends/fellow Mensa members decided to strap a mattress to the back of a moving vehicle and compete in the First Annual Lubbock Iditarod. Apparently, they also forgot that wearing warm clothes might be a sensible idea as well.

Oh, and as we ALL know, you just can't go Winter Mattress Surfing without a little liquid encouragement. So yes, in true Lubbock fashion, Conor did not go for his ride alone. He brought a 12-ounce friend.


You can check out the article that ABC 13 in Houston wrote about Conor's Olympian feat here

However, looking at the article, it occurs to me that perhaps Houstonians might be a bit JEALOUS of us here in Lubbock while pretending to mock Conor's Sealy Posturepedic sled. They hate us, 'cause they ain't us.

Yes, living here in the Hub City, we can absolutely see this happening in our own neighborhoods. We make the most of our adversity. Honestly, If I saw Conor sledding by my house, I'd probably toss him another cold one, because he probably spilled quite  a bit of what he was riding with on his journey.

God bless you, Conor. You are a true symbol of Lubbock. Let us know this summer when you build your jacuzzi using an Evinrude outboard motor and aluminum wash tub.

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