30-year-old Dustin Ray Vega was indicted on Tuesday by a grand jury for possession of child pornography.

Court records claim that Vega publicly displayed pornographic images of young girls on Tumblr.

KAMC News reports that the Tumblr account was shut down, and Police reviewed material provided by Tumblr. There appeared to be videos of a pre-pubescent girl "engaging in sex acts with an unknown male."

Police determined that the majority of the files from Tumblr were of legal pornography, posts about methamphetamine and more. However, around 30% of the files were child pornography.

Vega was located by federal agents in January of 2019 and he denied using the account that had the child pornography. Vega later admitted to looking at child pornography and reposting it.

Vega was arrested on Saturday and posted bond a few hours later to be released from jail.

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