The circus was recently in the Hub City and I decided that I would take it as an opportunity to experience what it's like under the big top. After speaking with Jr. the Clown and learning about the rich history behind the Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus and his own family involvement I decided I would stay for the show.

Most people experience the circus when they are very young but I never got to go, which is ok, it can be a very stimulating experience with the lights, sounds, and acts. The Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus started off the show with a dance number that was more of a live action Lady Gaga music video and I instantly knew this experience was worth the wait. The first act was women climbing ropes and silks at very extreme heights to which they effortlessly flew through the air like some kind of mystical fairies.

There were dogs that seemed much better trained than some people as they took commands so well and strong men that made me wished I had started working out January 1st...of 2011. During our interview before the show Jr. the Clown mentioned that the circus is a way for people to escape reality and believe in the impossible which I didn't understand until I experienced the show.

After shedding a few tears from the experience and resisting the temptation to purchase a light-up bubble sword, because I'm 29, I couldn't stop smiling from the sheer joy. I would encourage anyone that never got to go to the circus, aquarium, zoo etc. as a child to go and experience those things as adults. We are supposed to experience life and share it with each other. Is there anything you never got to do a child that you would like to do as an adult. Let us know in the comments.

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