The Five Best First Dates in Lubbock

Everyone has a different idea of what their perfect first date would be. Rather it’s a quiet dinner and getting to know the person, or a night of drinks and dancing, everyone has an ideal first date in mind. So with that being said, here are my top 5 First Dates here in Lubbock.

1. Quiet Dinner and Movie: Dinner at an upscale restaurant to get to know the person and a movie is the cliché first date. Dinner wise I would choose someplace where the atmosphere isn’t loud music, screaming kids or a crowd. A simple dinner at a restaurant like Stella’s followed by a double feature at Stars and Stripes Drive In make for the perfect quiet first date.

2. Drinks: You can have drinks at Stella’s (mentioned above) or you can spend the evening at the Caprock Winery for “Wine Night” every 2nd Thursday of the month. “Wine Night” is where the Caprock invites you to taste eight of their finest wines and teaches you how to pair each wine with a meal. So essentially it’s an eight course meal in an intimate setting with drinks. You can also take tours of the winery 10-5 Monday through Saturday.

3. Outdoors: Many people have told me that they have spent their first date at the park. That’s sure one thing Lubbock has plenty of. Many people choose the biggest in town being Mackenzie Park. Others choose just a park near one or the other’s house. There’s plenty you can choose from. Rather it be a picnic in the park, walking through it or Geocaching, there is always something to do in a public park. Best thing about it is that it’s most always free.

4. Fun and Games: For the child at heart, you can always go do something fun and competitive. Bowling, laser tag, putt-putt or shooting pool are always great ways to have fun with someone and still get to know them. Just don’t go overboard with the competitive angle and get made when your date beats you in something. The best place to go to find all of these things under the same roof would be Main Event. Main Event, here in Lubbock, lets you bowl, play arcade games, shoot pool, dine and drink and just about everything a kid at hear would love to do. My favorite thing to do there is have a few drinks and play shuffle board. Yup, I’m getting old.

5. Sports Date: I love sports. It’s pretty much what runs my life. So if a girl I knew wanted to go to a football game the first time we went out, I’d know she was a keeper. Saturday game days here in Lubbock are my favorite days of the year. Nothing like watching the Red Raiders with someone I like and 60,000 of my closest friends. It could be a bit pricy (dependent on who Tech is playing that day), but the experience is one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

These are just my personal Top 5 First dates in Lubbock. The number of first dates you can think of going on is endless, but always remember to think about them on the date. It’s not important where you go, but on who it is you’re with on your first date. First dates are great but cheers to a second.

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