I got a chance to speak with Lubbock native Amanda Noret this morning during the Kool Morning Show. Here's what she had to say about returning to her hometown and the film she's starring in:

Here's the press release that includes all the info you need about Sunday's premiere:


The movie 10 years in the making is finally coming to Premiere Cinemas Sunday March 9. To commemorate the return of “Veronica Mars” Lubbock Premiere Cinemas will host actress and Lubbock native, Amanda Noret, who re-created her role as Madison Sinclair in the film. Amanda will be available for photographs and autographs on Sunday from 4-5:30. The event also will feature an exciting and informative Skype conference with creator and director of the film, Rob Thomas, who will join us live on our screens from the world premiere activities going on simultaneously in New York from 5:30p to 6pm. Then at 6pm the Veronica Mars feature will begin. Tickets for the event will be $15 and can be purchased at the box office or at Premiere Cinemas or by going to www.pccmovies.com. For further questions and information contact Rudy Leal at 806-928-4820.

The film was funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, which reached the fastest growing campaign with $2 million dollars, and the highest campaign in the film Kickstarter category, with Warner Brother’s funding the balance. The film focuses on the characters of “Veronica Mars” ten years later, just in time for their high school reunion. Bell, now a lawyer, comes back to her hometown to help old flame Logan Echolls, Jason Dohring, who has been accused of murder.

“Veronica Mars” was an early 2000’s show, which starred Kristen Bell as the title character. The show followed Bell’s character in the town of Neptune, Calif. and the misadventures that occurred. The show went on for three seasons, and was nominated for various awards, such as the Teen Choice Awards. The show won an AFI USA Award in 2006. The show also starred Percy Daggs III, as Wallace, Veronica’s best friend, and Tina Majorino as Veronica’s friend Mac.

Amanda has been acting in TV & film since she was 12, where she co-starred in her first role in Danielle Steel’s TV Movie FULL CIRCLE. She co-starred on several TV series such as CITY GUYS, THAT 70’s SHOW, 7th HEAVEN, and had a recurring role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Some of Amanda’s other accomplishments include the MICK JAGGER CONCERT, music videos for Marilyn Manson “TAINTED LOVE,” and Rob Zombie “NEVER GONNA STOP.” They both were shown on MTV/VH1. She was featured on a vocal recording of TWISTA with STING titled “STOLEN CAR.” Amanda was cast as the lead for the original promotional campaign for the famous AMERICAN IDOL show!

Here's the trailer for the film: (Amanda is the one who gets punched at the very end.)

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