A second grader at Roscoe Wilson Elementary in Lubbock, Texas sent President Barack Obama a letter, and the Commander-in-Chief sent her back a reply letter.

Eight-year-old Sage Kyle wrote to President Obama in regards to equal pay for equal work for women and men. She explained that she works hard for her dreams and that they are just as important as "any boy's."

Sage's mother is an associate professor at a local university.

President Obama wrote a letter back to Sage, saying that he agrees with her that your pay should reflect your skills and efforts, no matter your gender. He also went on to say that he hopes she continues to speak up on issues that matter to her and working hard to pursue her dreams because they are "just as important as any boy's".

Sage is being recognized for her initiative in contacting the president during a PTA meeting Thursday night.

Way to go, Sage!

See Sage's letter to President Obama, and his reply, below.

Photo: LISD
Photo: LISD
Photo: LISD