NBC News did a report on their Nightly News #InspiringAmerica about Big Spring, Texas. Specifically that Big spring has something called "Blessing Boxes". Lubbock should do this too.

So what is a blessing box? Simply put it is a box outside where people in need can find some of the things they might need. Food, diapers for the kids, personal hygiene products, simple things that all people need to get by. Those are bought by someone and put in the box. Then someone in need goes to the box when they need it and takes what they need. It is a simple donation process that goes directly to the people who need it. No middle man, no red tape, no paperwork, just giving.

I know there are some people that will have a problem with this, there always are. But the main point behind this is to help our community. There is no way to help all people perfectly, but if we don't try then we'll never learn to succeed. If we can pull our own friends and neighbors up by ourselves, then we can help our whole city. I would love to start something like this. And if you know how to help, or just want to donate, then message us because I have a friend who is trying to start something just like this.

Watch the NBC video and hopefully get inspired today! If Big Spring can do it so can we!

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