To say that I enjoy talking about the weather is an understatement. It should be no secret, by now, that I spend my weekends on KCBD Newschannel 11 creating and presenting the weather forecast to a live TV audience. My entrance into broadcasting was by way of radio back in the day, but my love of the sport came when I started geeking-out on meteorology.

What most people don't remember, if they ever knew, is that I started my days forecasting weather under the tutelage of, the one and only, run-for-the-hills himself, Mr. Ron Roberts, Ron Roberts of KAMC28. Ron may be well known for his sensational means of presenting storms but no matter what the weather you can always count on him to bring his sense of humor and the latest round of predicted thunderstorms on the South Plains was no exception to this rule.

His second most passionate subject is his brand and even if you don't agree with his tactics, you can't deny that he has an impressive following and his fans love him. This is a great thing for the weather community. Especially, since ours is a market that provides some of the most catastrophic storms in the country, during certain times of the year. Having someone who is able to take the criticism that comes with being a weather professional is refreshing at best and hilariously entertaining if nothing else.

When it comes to weather I think I can safely say that anyone working in the industry says "safety first", so pick a weather pro, or seven, and follow us on social media. I promise you will be better off for it in the long run.

Thanks for the lessons Ron, and keep up the good work! ~Plasker

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