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It's bad enough to let your rooster run around town without parental supervision, but truth is, you're not supposed to have one in the city limits anyway. That doesn't stop a lot of people; I commonly heard early-morning rooster crows in my previous neighborhood by Coronado, which is decidedly still in Lubbock city limits.

The Lubbock Animal Shelter picked up someone's wild and fancy-free rooster over the holiday weekend. The rooster in question looks pretty disgruntled. Maybe he's just hung...over.

From the shelter:

Rooster found 3800 27th St. Roosters aren’t allowed in the city limits and he will need to be placed in a home in the country!

Even if you can't have a massive rooster in town, you're still allowed up to six hens for your own personal use. Hopefully, that use is eggs and not sad tea parties.

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