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Lubbock will soon have an eSports venue for everyone to enjoy.

Contender eSports is a nation-wide franchise, and will soon open a Lubbock location at 4930 S. Loop 289, Unit 208 (next to Guitar Center), according to Lubbock in the Loop.

Lubbock ISD has an eSports after school program and Wayland Baptist has a college-level eSports team. Many colleges offer eSports scholarships, and professional eSport players make a ton of money.

So why play at a gaming center instead of at home? Well, using a LAN connection means a smoother connection between multiple players on the same game, according to Contender eSports:

Contender eSports is Lubbock's premier gaming LAN center. What is a LAN center? Picture you and your friends bringing your favorite gaming systems over to your house and playing altogether, now picture having that same experience without having to take all your gaming gear with you. Not only can you game at Contender eSports with your friends just like an old school gaming party but also get experiences you wouldn’t normally have at home. Think you’re the best at a game? Contender eSports hosts tournaments at least twice a month to find out who is the best in the Hub City! Whether you're a Sony or Microsoft fan or think that PC rules the world we’ve got something for you!

Game on, my friends. Too bad I can't make any bread playing Civilization 6, because I'm GREAT at it. MMORPGs...not so much.

If you want to stay updated on Contender eSports in Lubbock, like their Facebook page.

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