We have heard and seen images of starvation due to drought in Africa and this year, due to El Nino, they are experiencing the worst drought in 50 years, affecting over 40 million people, and many are babies and children.

In an effort to help make a difference and save lives, Lubbock's Breedlove dehydration plant, has kicked off 'Breedlove for Africa: Spreading Hope One Meal At A Time', to raise $150,000 to ship 3 million meals to Africa, specifically Ethiopia.

We spoke with Mark Wentling, the Regional Director for Africa with Breedlove about how they are going to raise the funds, and it's pretty amazing.  Wentling has spent close to 45 years in Africa, helping in humanitarian efforts.

He said the the Breedlove Board of Directors has issued a challenge to the people of Lubbock and West Texas.  They will match donations up to $75,000.  So our part is to pool together and reach the other $75,000 to get those 3 million meals to Africa.

It's simple to do, simply click on the donate tab at breedlove.org., take it by or mail it to the corporate office at 1818 N. Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd, Lubbock, Texas 79403 or call them for more info and donate over the phone at (806) 741-0404.

While we have enjoyed the benefits of El Nino and an end to our drought, what doesn't occur to most of us is that across the world the opposite is the case.  Our brothers and sisters are dying, particularly children. Even though we may be different culturally, we all share one commonality, we are human beings with the same basic needs to survive and thrive in this harsh world we live in.

Even though you may say, 'But there are 40 million people needing food and water there! How can 3 million meals help'?  Well, it's like the starfish story... 'It made a difference for that one'.

Please, will you take a minute to really let this sink into your heart?  When you look at your healthy children today or see a fat, adorable baby as you're going about your day, be thankful for the plenty we enjoy and help a baby in Africa, to not only become a happy, fat baby, but to live to be a thriving adult.  Their lives depend on it.


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