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One of Lubbock's most unique and beautifully decorated bars is closing due to COVID-19-related restrictions in Texas.

Flippers Tavern (1406 Avenue Q) will close on August 2nd, 2020, and will reopen "once bars are allowed to be open," according to their recent Facebook post.

While they do not go into detail about the closure, I suspect that their alcohol sales went over the 51 percent threshold. Flipper's does sell great food like gourmet hot dogs, but the Milhouse and Mexican Candy shots are just too irresistible.

In the next two weeks, you can show your support by taking advantage of their closing specials. And like Flippers, I also encourage you to support local always, but especially during this time. It just breaks my heart to pieces.

To me, there is almost no one quite so brave as the small business owner. The amount of work, risk, and passion involved in owning a small business are truly heroic.

We'll see you soon, Flippers.

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