When the Lubbock Matadors announced themselves as an expansion team in the NPSL last year, I was really excited. I loved the Lubbock Crickets, The Renegades and the Cotton Kings. I remember going to all of those games as a kid and having an incredible time, so a professional team coming back to Lubbock made all the sense in the world to me.

The Matadors have expertly dropped merch, kits, schedules and season tickets over the last four months, but the most crucial piece of the puzzle has been lingering.

Where are the Matadors going to play all these home games on the schedule? We finally have our answer:

That's right, the Lubbock Matadors will be playing their games at PlainsCapital Park at Lowrey Field. The same stadium that houses Lubbock ISD athletics events and the annual Band Extravaganza will be used all summer for the newest NPSL team in Lubbock.

"We're looking forward to welcoming the Matadors Nation to Lowrey Field for our Inaugural NPSL Season," said Managing Partner Michael Hitchcock. "As our fanbase has been growing, it was important we found a home that would allow all of our fans to enjoy minor league soccer in the Hub City."

All the fans, indeed. Lowrey Field has a capacity of 8,500 people, so nobody will be turned away if they want to come out and check out the action. The Matadors kick off their season at Lowrey field against Fort Worth on May 7th, 2022.

General Manager Dustin McCorkle is excited to share their home field with the Lubbock community.

"Everything about the Lubbock Matador's is community-focused, and Lubbock built. As a club, we couldn't be more grateful to LISD for the opportunity to call Lowrey field home," said McCorkle. "For us, Lowrey Field is a great representation of our city and the youth we look to impact. They say home is where you plant your roots, and we are excited to plant and grow in PlainsCapital Park at Lowrey Field with the Matador faithful."

Lowrey Field will be appropriately nicknamed the Bullring for the Matadors' home games and the atmosphere is sure to be incredible. Lowrey will feature the 'home' side being open at first, but if Lubbock sells the joint out the entire stadium could be full of rowdy Matadors fans.

Speaking of rowdy, I reached out to the Matadors and beer will be available at the tailgate events outside of the stadium with a wristband to get you in and out of the game. Beer will not be sold inside the stadium.

You can buy season tickets today for the Lubbock Matadors' five home games that take place in May and June.

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