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The Lubbock Matadors exceeded all expectations in their home opener against the Fort Worth Vaqueros. They didn't win on the field, but the Matadors were incredibly successful off of it.

The Matadors took an early lead as Luke Jones scored the first-ever Matadors goal just over 8 minutes into the contest. The goal was seen by more than 4,000 fans who'd packed into Lowrey Field to witness the historical contest.

Jones was named Man of the Match for his goal.

The Matadors faithful were really into the game and entertained from the moment the Two Docs block party kicked off on Saturday night. After the 3-1 loss, head coach Paul Gilbert talked about the excitement of the game, but bitterness of the loss. "Probably mixed emotions... this a process we're building, we have to look at our play, not our result," Gilbert said.

He continued: "Did we commit to who we are, our identity, our principles this is our focus right now. For the first 30 minutes we were really good we were a little naive and took our foot off the gas it's a great opportunity for us to learn from this."

The Matadors also had a long list of sponsors who showed out for the fans, with the presenting sponsor of the home opener, United Supermarkets, passing out 500 mini soccer balls to the Matadors fans. Rob Breaux
Rob Breaux,

We talked to Matadors GM Dustin McCorcle today on The Raiderland and he spoke about the community effort it took to build the brand up enough for the successful launch.

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