The rivalry between pro football’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens featured a twist from the classic rock world Sunday night, with the Steelers accused of referring to opposing quarterback Joe Flacco as a “little girl” via a Lynyrd Skynyrd song played over their stadium’s sound system.

According to Yahoo Sports, during the Ravens’ final drive of the game, which was held at the Steelers’ Heinz field, the scoreboard flashed a page comparing the performance stats of Flacco and Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger. Pretty standard stuff, but it was the song playing while those stats were on the board — Skynyrd’s “What’s Your Name?” — that got a rise out of Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

Why was Harbaugh so incensed? Well, if you’re a Skynyrd fan, you know the song includes the refrain “What’s your name / Little girl,” which the coach took as an implied shot against his quarterback’s manhood. According to Baltimore Sun reporter Kevin Van Valkenburg, Harbaugh “was livid,” and “so fired up in the locker room after the victory, he actually pulled me aside to explain this, unprompted.”

Of course, excitability seems to run in the coaching Harbaughs, and the Ravens went on to win the game anyway — and Flacco, for his part, claimed not to have any idea that there was even a song playing on the stadium PA.

So all’s well that ends well — and if the Steelers’ scoreboard operator meant to question Flacco’s manhood with his song selection, he’s wisely keeping mum about it this week. Either way, something tells us we won’t be hearing Skynyrd at Heinz Field again anytime soon.

Of course, as discussed in our interview with Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw, you can totally count on hearing his band’s ‘Renegade,’ which over the years has become the Steeler defense’s rally song.