Just like the employees at any other company, we here at Kool FM frequently engage in spirited water cooler talk.

Of course, our water cooler is an endless stream of emails and Facebook messages. And the advantage there is that things cannot devolve into fisticuffs when the debate turns to immature name-calling, which it pretty much always does.

With that in mind, the Kool FM staff got into a discussion yesterday about Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, and how he's the media darling of this year's post-season, even though he was allegedly involved in the stabbing deaths of two people about a dozen years ago.

Without naming any names, here's how the conversation went...

--"Heads-up on the potentially storybook swan song of Ray Lewis. Thanks!"

--"We have Lewis covered already & we're working on a few other clips from the other games."

--"I remain shocked at how unconditionally the media is celebrating Ray Lewis. Apparently this country is really good at forgiving murder."

--"Dude, I think about that every time someone mentions Ray Lewis! He's a freaking murderer!"

--"If the suit don't exist, you must acquit:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Lewis#Murder_trial"

--"People don't pay undisclosed settlements for murder when they didn't commit the murders."

--"Next you're gonna tell me Kobe's a rapist."

--"Or Chris Brown didn't beat up Rihanna? I feel the same about him. Why are we celebrating these jerks?"

--"How do I root in a game featuring Tom Brady vs. Ray Lewis? I can only hope both teams destroy each other and there is no Super Bowl."

--"Innocent until proven guilty I say!"

--"All murder suspects should be judged based on their number of tackles per season.  Not interceptions though. That's just silly."

Okay, now it's YOUR turn to keep the conversation going!

Is Ray Lewis a Cinderella story, or a criminal who's leading a glamorous life he doesn't deserve because he got away with murder? Discuss.