Ladies, if you’re tired of being the one in your relationship who’s stuck taking birth control pills, cheer up. A male contraception drug is on its way.

Doctors at the University of Kansas School of Medicine have developed a pill containing the drug H2-gamendazole, which stops the development of sperm cells within the testes. It won’t affect libido, and it’s fully reversible — meaning that once a man stops taking the pills, his fertility is restored within a few weeks.

Animal tests have been extremely successful, so scientists will next submit their medication to the FDA for approval, after which human trials can begin.

But would men take the pill? Researchers at the World Health Organization think so. Hundreds of studies the group has conducted all over the world indicate guys would welcome the pill.

But don’t get too anxious. Even if all goes according to plan, the drug wouldn’t hit the market for another decade or so.

[via Chicago Tribune]