It’s that time again for March Madness. I was asked yesterday if I wanted to fill out a 2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket, so of course I just figured…why not!

Now I actually understand basketball considering I have played it my whole life since I was 5 and I will watch a game every now & then, but I haven’t kept up with any of the teams.

I sat down with my boyfriend and his older brother because I wanted to get some insight since they have been paying attention to all the teams. I’d ask which one would win between two teams and if they weren’t sure I would either pick the one with the cooler name or just flip a coin. I honestly have no idea about picking so; hey why not just pick a cool way to pick the team who I think might win!

I’m hoping that my bracket will turn out somewhat right but a girl can dream right?! So my question for you….

What’s your strategy on picking teams? Do you have a tradition that you think will help your teams win?

Let me know what your way of doing the March Madness bracket works best for you.

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